Our Mission

Networking is the key to successful transitions

The key to change is belief. Belief that it can be done and that you can do it. And that belief comes from seeing others go there before you, and for them to come back and tell you not only what it’s like, but how they got there. The Career Change Network is about creating a community where you can connect with people like you. We want to create a place where anyone can go who wants more from their work, whether they want to develop their skills, evolve their role, retrain or make a wholesale career transition. Nobody can effect change in isolation.  

The Network allows you to hear the stories, learn about the pitfalls, avoid the tripwires, be inspired by the successes and connect with those that have made changes, are already on their path to change or are just dreaming of a change.  You can find inspiration, a coach, a mentor or just people that understand and support you.

If you want to become a goat farmer in the Yorkshire Dales, or a Hedge Fund Manager at the age of 55, then we want to connect you with someone that can share their practical experience in some way and help you on your journey. 

This is not about selling you a 12-step online course. This is not about self-help, meditation, Yoga, motivational seminars, being an entrepreneur or how to write the perfect CV.  

This is not another job-finder site.  That’s not to diminish any of those things, some or all of them may be invaluable to you when making a transition. Career Change Network is simply about helping to bring you in contact with others that can help you. 

Above all, CCN is about practical support. The number one piece of advice for anyone looking to make significant change is, build your network. When you surround yourself with the right people, anything is possible. We put you in touch with people that can help you.

Be inspired by the stories of ordinary people, like you and me

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